Sunday, 2 February 2014


What wisdom would you share with today’s Christian ministry leaders?
The first is to ask yourself deep in your heart: “What am I made for? What is my cause? Why has God put me in this position?” If your role doesn’t move you deeply — bring you to tears in 30 seconds — either get passionate or get out of the way. You’re taking the place of somebody God has shaped to lead that ministry passionately.

Next, guard your heart. As a ministry leader there’s a bulls-eye target on you. If Satan can drop a leader, he can affect the faith, hope, and passion of many others. You’re in a spiritual battle, so walk closely with God. Listen to his whispers. I begin each day no matter where I am, no matter how busy I am, with an hour of listening and prayer. I don’t want God to one day say: “Wess, you were so passionate; you were doing so much on my behalf, that I couldn’t actually get your attention.” As a leader, if you aren’t madly in love with the Lord, and if prayer isn’t a significant part of your life, you need to set that right.

Then I would say fight for your family. Love your wife or husband. Love your children. The most loving thing you can do for your children is make them understand that they’re more important than ministry. I have two daughters. They know, and have known since they were tiny little girls, that while I care about the million children in Compassion, it’s the two of them that I love the most. I don’t want them to ever say to me, “You cared about all of them, but you forgot about us.” God doesn’t expect you to sacrifice your family for your calling.

Pour yourself into your calling. If it’s what God has called you to do, it deserves your best. Be the best authentic leader you can be.

(Excerpt from interview with Dr. Wess Stafford, president and CEO of Compassion International.)

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